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Honey Bee On FlowerBeekeeping With Top Bar Hives

Beekeepers are known to be cheap, or to put it more nicely, they are a frugal lot and try to make do with whatever they have lying around that is not being used.

Top Bar Hive Beekeeping is most prevalent where people have very little money [and cannot afford to be buying beekeeping equipment as we do here in the United States], such as in Africa. A 'Top Bar Hive' can be homemade out of whatever junk you have lying around or can find and bring home. It can afford you a wonderful way to be uniquely creative.

Top Bar Hive
Here are three top bar hives mounted on a stand so you don't have to bend over when you open one up to examine it.


Watch this you tube video by Les Crowder


Kenyan Top
                              Bar Hive

A Homemade Kenyan Type Top Bar Hive


Top Bar Bee Hive Inspection

Winterizing Your Top Bar Hive

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